Athiya Shetty (30 yo, Female, Bollywood Actor, India)

“I came to Tanvi because I had been trying to gain weight and build muscle for a while. Nothing seemed to work. Tanvi told me my body type is categorized as an ectomorph, which means I naturally struggle with both these aspects. She updated my existing diet and workouts and for the first time, I gained weight in the form of muscle! She has a very clear understanding of exactly what to eat and types of exercises that work for different body types and thanks to her I also now know exactly what works for my body type!

Mehak C. (31 yo, Female, UK)

I lost 20 kgs in 1.5 years with Tanvi. I look and feel like a COMPLETELY different person now! Working with her on my health- nutritional, physical and mental health was life changing. I say mental health because Tanvi took the time to understand my emotions and triggers given that so much of my food behavior is rooted in my emotional health. She also helped me change the way I feel about my body, which was crucial for me. Her nutrition plans are 100% sustainable and built around my lifestyle and food preferences, cutting out no food groups at all. Thanks to her I feel stronger, healthier and more balanced!

Pankaj D. (62 yo, Male, Professor, USA)

“My wife Sangeeta and I can vouch that Tanvi is top-notch! During my annual check up, my HbA1C was 6.6 % (pre-diabetic range). My doctor told me to make immediate changes in my diet, else I would have to go on medication, which I was opposed to. Based on a friend’s recommendation, we contacted Tanvi and she has been guiding me for a few months now. The combination of her deep background in dietetics with both Western and Desi diets made it so easy to follow her guidelines. I lost 12 lbs and managed to bring down my HbA1C to 6.1%. It‘s a work in progress but I officially don’t need any medication! I truly can’t thank Tanvi enough.”

Emily (34 yo, Female, USA)

“Through Tanvi’s help with nutrition and strength training my cholesterol levels have finally dropped significantly. I sought her guidance because my levels were alarmingly high, largely attributable to genetic factors. Tanvi took the time to understand the challenges I have been facing as a new mom, in terms of having minimal time to cook and usually ordering-in from restaurants. For instance, instead of telling me to break my take-out habit, she created a detailed ‘Low Cholesterol‘ nutrition guide so I could order-in and lower my cholesterol simultaneously!

I was so happy with my nutrition consultation with her, I signed up for her virtual personal training sessions as well. Over the last four months she has worked with me twice a week and she makes each session enjoyable and hard! I now feel stronger and much healthier. I’m so thankful for all her help!”

Alisha B. (24 yo, Female, India)

“For the first time in 5 years, I have managed to lose 19.8 lbs in just 2.5 months with Tanvi. I have PCOS and I’ve seen quite a few dieticians over the last few years to lose weight. Nothing worked. I came to Tanvi as a last-ditch attempt for weight loss. She created the most personalized diet plan I have seen to date. It was extremely realistic and PCOS specific. She even allowed some cheating here and there. I am so thankful and ecstatic! I will happily keep working with her till she gets sick of me! (Given her patience levels for all the curve balls I’ve thrown at her, she probably never will)”

Jeevika B. (28 yo, Female, India)

I lost 13 kgs in just 4 months of working with Tanvi! Her diet was so easy to follow- it wasn’t exactly a diet it was more of a lifestyle change. It didn’t feel like I was overtly restricting myself because there was enough flexibility to go out and enjoy myself over the weekend for example, while also being mindful of what I was eating. The recipes she gave me were easy, fun to follow and have become permanent additions to my routine.”